Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Answer... Six Silent Master Images

Who are you?  Waiting quietly within you is a Presence, a Force, a state of Consciousness that gives you power to overcome mental and physical limitations in your life, power to harmonize and change discordant situations, power to create regardless of the circumstances around you -- power to be who you really are.

In Jung SuWon, I call this Consciousness your Silent Master.  when you find this Consciousness, your Silent Master with yourself, you take control of your life.  Before, you may have been drifting through life; now you are driving through life.  You experience a new freedom, peace of mind, creativity, and harmony that makes your life fulfilling, purposeful, joyous, and dynamic.  You find yourself glad to be alive everyday for the sheer pleasure of experiencing life, of experiencing yourself!

I teach the art of Jung SuWon to awaken you to this powerful Presence within, to enable you to recognize and bring forth your Silent Master.

Consider the following six statements about your Silent Master Consciousness, which I call Silent Master Images.  I use the word "image" instead of "statement" deliberately.  When you read the section on visualization you'll understand why.  Because these Images form the basis of my Jung SuWon philosophy, they will be developed in detail throughout the book.  for now, however, regard each as a seed-thought designed to blossom into practical understanding of your true being and power.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim (pg 4)
watch Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim do a beautiful energy form.

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