Sunday, June 24, 2012

Preface - Jung SuWon is more than a martial art

Jung SuWon is more than a martial art. It is not a sport. True, it includes a physical form, but my teaching goes far beyond hard martial art forms that are strictly of foot and fist. Jung SuWon includes spiritual principles and practices that can lay the foundation of your inner power and physical strength, and that can develop your whole being. Thus, its mental and spiritual aspects are not separate from its physical form, and never could be. This martial art is essentially the art of living life itself.  And this is what I consider to be the true “way” of the martial arts warrior -- not just overcoming in combat, but a complete overcoming in every aspect of our daily liv­ing.  When you learn this art, there will be no obstacle you cannot overcome.

It is from my experiences that I’ve proved this fact. Others said it was impossible when I, a woman, attained a black belt in my martial art. Then (more impossible) I, still a woman, became a female Master. And then (absolutely impossible!) I became a female Grandmaster. Well, so much for what is supposedly impossible.
      People may say of a journey that it’s long and they’ll not bother to start. Take one step on the longest journey and you’ve shortened it.
But journeys are not accomplished without a map. And it is for this reason that I’m writing this book.
The art of Jung SuWon never failed me in becoming one of the highest-ranked female martial artists in the world. It has not failed those I’ve taught. I’ve taught them to listen to an ever present Consciousness deep within, that I call the “Silent Master.”
Like the fabric of a tapestry, one thread will always lead to many others. I never found myself stopping with one achievement or another. If this person or that person can do something, why not me? If I fail, I’ll try again. And again. Has anything worthwhile ever been accomplished without effort? If something has never been done, why should that stop you? My life has been made up of accomplishments that many well-meaning people told me were impossible.
I’ve founded schools and spread my teaching wherever I’ve gone. The demand has been ever constant, and it is growing. Whether teaching corporate executive seminars or teaching students in one of my schools, I’ve found many people who share goals and needs that are not unique to me, but are universal to the desires of all people regardless of sex, race, or creed.
Learning Jung SuWon (uniting body, mind, and spirit) will bring incredible physical and mental power to your life. I offer you thisbook -- the map and guide of this art that has served me so well.
Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim  ( preface to Seven Steps to Inner Power )

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