Friday, January 16, 2009

I Began to Discover a Way

It was a blue gray morning in Kinchom Province when I was awakened by a shout. The war was two years past, but sudden sounds still had an unsettling effect. Cautiously sliding back a rice paper window my uneasiness disappeared as I saw something that instantly captivated me. It was beautiful. there, in the early morning fog, I discovered my uncles practicing an ancient martial art. The mists swirled with their fluid kicks, their bodies glistened in the first light of dawn. It touched a deep and natural feeling inside me. Nothing in my mind seemed so mystical and yet natural. To my seven year old mind, this was worthwhile. More than worthwhile, it was exciting. It was important. Nothing seemed so perfect. I had to learn this art. Little did I know how it would affect my life.

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