Sunday, July 13, 2008

Break down obstacles in your life...

Consider your hand for a moment- the softness of the skin. Imagine the bones and ligaments within. As you flex your fingers, think of the dexterity of this part of you that you so often take for granted.

Can you imagine this hand going through a brick, breaking it to pieces? Can you imagine it going through a stack of ten bricks? Maybe you think this is an impossible accomplishment for yourself or for anyone.

I assure you it's not. But you may argue that your hand is softer and less dense than a brick. Of course it is. Bu is it not your thought that propels your hand? Is it not your thought that moves you throughout your life?

What Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim can teach you will enable you to break not only bricks but also the harder barriers that may be blocking happiness and fulfillment in your life.

She can teach you to be a true martial arts warrior. Would you like to hear more?

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